Bryan Holt Award

This unique and prestigious award is presented annually to the member seen by his fellow curlers as our most outstanding member each year.

First awarded in 1975, in memory of Bryan Holt, who was himself a most outstanding member of our club, it was personally presented that year and for many after, by the Holt Family.

Bryan who succumbed to cancer in 1974 as a young man, had a great love of curling, and was a true sportsman who contributed both his time and effort to the game. These qualities have become the criteria upon which this memorial is awarded.

The award continues to recognize Bryan's legacy through the contribution of each recipient we honour.


Name Year
Bradley Pisiak 2024
Kelly Vandemosselaer 2023
Jason Pruden 2022
Ken Stevens 2021
Jeff Keeler 2020
Kevin Blunden 2019
Les Oliver 2018
Warren Johnson 2017
Greg Keddie 2016
Angela Trombo 2015
Guy Beaudry 2014
Al Wingate 2013
Neil Denyer 2012
Bill Stewart 2011
Duane Budnick 2010
John Fenn 2009
Ralph Dooley 2008
Jerry Magnusson 2007
Annette Giguere 2006
Mike Hebert 2005
Jim Pratcshler 2004
Bob Kirkland 2003
Jim Colman 2002
Al Erickson 2001
Ken Stanley 1999
Bob Cox 1998
Roger Fontaine 1997
Lorne Cox 1996
Dan McDonald 1995
Dave Smith 1994
Ken Loney 1993
Larry Smith 1992
Henry Enns 1991
Ed Pratcshler 1990
Robb Finnen 1989
Steve Gobiel 1988
Al Pilling 1987
Vic Rose 1986
Denis Lafreniere 1985
Greg Milloy 1984
Larry Jones 1983
Barry Hewitt 1982
Bart Jenner 1981
Murray Armstrong 1980
Clare Brown 1979
Dutchy Hems 1978
Augie Haugen 1977
Hank Lemoine 1976
Wayne Jones 1975