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League Schedules 2021-22

Monday Doubles

Round 1


Round 1


Round 1


Round 1

This Week's Games

Wed Sep 29 - 7:05pm

Blue Yellow
Jones Rummery
Reid Friesen
Landry Stevens
Anderson Wieler
Kostakos Gray
Desrosiers Marcon-Lajeunesse

Wed Sep 29 - 9:20pm

Blue Yellow
Godfrey Bell
Lagace Leblanc

Thu Sep 30 - 7:00pm

Blue Yellow
Jacques Fischer
Penny Jarmuske
Hebert Atkinson
Allan Wilson
Satterthwaite Muntain
Budnick Scinocca

Thu Sep 30 - 9:15pm

Blue Yellow
Marantz Harcus
Legion-of-Broom Raabe
Meadows Hiltz
Lushaw Kiene
Michalenko McLean
Girouard Laurier

Mon Oct 04 - 7:00pm

Blue Yellow
Boutin Talbot
Swanson Sass
Milloy Deniset
Winstone Keeler
Wingate Tessmer
Sabourin Thoroughgood

Mon Oct 04 - 9:15pm

Blue Yellow
Mic/Bea Ulr/Pis
Dau/Haw Nor/And
Man/Gag Kos/Kos
Boy/And Hoy/Viz
Mac/Arb Mil/Ber

Wed Oct 06 - 7:05pm

Blue Yellow
Wieler Kostakos
Lagace Stevens
Leblanc Marcon-Lajeunesse
Bell Jones
Godfrey Friesen
Rummery Reid

Wed Oct 06 - 9:20pm

Blue Yellow
Anderson Landry
Gray Desrosiers

Thu Oct 07 - 7:00pm

Blue Yellow
Raabe Lushaw
Laurier Hiltz
Harcus Legion-of-Broom
McLean Girouard
Kiene Marantz
Meadows Michalenko

Thu Oct 07 - 9:15pm

Blue Yellow
Jarmuske Allan
Scinocca Atkinson
Fischer Penny
Muntain Budnick
Wilson Jacques
Hebert Satterthwaite

Wed Oct 13 - 7:05pm

Blue Yellow
Stevens Gray
Desrosiers Wieler
Kostakos Anderson
Marcon-Lajeunesse Lagace
Landry Leblanc
Jones Godfrey

Wed Oct 13 - 9:20pm

Blue Yellow
Reid Bell
Friesen Rummery

Thu Oct 14 - 7:00pm

Blue Yellow
Penny Wilson
Satterthwaite Budnick
Jacques Allan
Fischer Jarmuske
Scinocca Hebert
Atkinson Muntain

Thu Oct 14 - 9:15pm

Blue Yellow
Legion-of-Broom Kiene
Michalenko Girouard
Marantz Lushaw
Harcus Raabe
Laurier Meadows
Hiltz McLean

Mon Oct 18 - 7:00pm

Blue Yellow
Sass Winstone
Thoroughgood Deniset
Talbot Swanson
Tessmer Sabourin
Keeler Boutin
Milloy Wingate

Mon Oct 18 - 9:15pm

Blue Yellow
Hoy/Viz Dau/Haw
Kos/Kos Ulr/Pis
Nor/And Mac/Arb
Mil/Ber Mic/Bea
Man/Gag Boy/And

Wed Oct 20 - 7:05pm

Blue Yellow
Bell Friesen
Jones Reid
Rummery Godfrey
Gray Anderson
Desrosiers Kostakos
Lagace Landry

Wed Oct 20 - 9:20pm

Blue Yellow
Wieler Leblanc

Thu Oct 21 - 7:00pm

Blue Yellow
Michalenko Laurier
McLean Meadows
Kiene Raabe
Marantz Legion-of-Broom
Girouard Hiltz
Lushaw Harcus

Thu Oct 21 - 9:15pm

Blue Yellow
Satterthwaite Scinocca
Muntain Hebert
Wilson Jarmuske
Jacques Penny
Budnick Atkinson
Allan Fischer

Mon Oct 25 - 7:00pm

Blue Yellow
Swanson Keeler
Wingate Sabourin
Boutin Winstone
Talbot Sass
Thoroughgood Milloy
Deniset Tessmer

Mon Oct 25 - 9:15pm

Blue Yellow
Kos/Kos Mil/Ber
Mac/Arb Hoy/Viz
Boy/And Dau/Haw
Ulr/Pis Man/Gag
Mic/Bea Nor/And

Wed Oct 27 - 7:05pm

Blue Yellow
Anderson Desrosiers
Bell Rummery
Friesen Jones
Godfrey Reid
Gray Wieler
Leblanc Stevens

Wed Oct 27 - 9:20pm

Blue Yellow
Kostakos Lagace
Marcon-Lajeunesse Landry

Thu Oct 28 - 7:00pm

Blue Yellow
Hebert Budnick
Wilson Fischer
Scinocca Muntain
Atkinson Satterthwaite
Penny Allan
Jarmuske Jacques

Thu Oct 28 - 9:15pm

Blue Yellow
Meadows Girouard
Kiene Harcus
Laurier McLean
Hiltz Michalenko
Legion-of-Broom Lushaw
Raabe Marantz

Mon Nov 01 - 7:00pm

Blue Yellow
Wingate Thoroughgood
Tessmer Milloy
Keeler Sass
Boutin Swanson
Sabourin Deniset
Winstone Talbot

Mon Nov 01 - 9:15pm

Blue Yellow
Man/Gag Mic/Bea
Nor/And Boy/And
Ulr/Pis Mil/Ber
Dau/Haw Mac/Arb
Hoy/Viz Kos/Kos

Mon Nov 08 - 7:00pm

Blue Yellow
Milloy Sabourin
Keeler Talbot
Thoroughgood Tessmer
Deniset Wingate
Swanson Winstone
Sass Boutin

Mon Nov 08 - 9:15pm

Blue Yellow
Boy/And Mac/Arb
Mil/Ber Man/Gag
Kos/Kos Mic/Bea
Hoy/Viz Nor/And
Dau/Haw Ulr/Pis

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