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SVCC Safety Measures 2020 – 2021 Curling Season

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SVCC Safety Measures

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  • All 2-hour leagues will have their play times reduced to 1h45 and will use a 1h20 bell. In the interest of fairness, this will be enforced even if there is spare time between leagues
  • There shall only be one sweeper at a time and skips cannot sweep opposing rocks that pass the T- line
  • There will also be markings on the ice indicating where to stand when waiting to play
  • No hand-shakes before or after the game
  • Scoreboards will not be available to use: paper and pencil will be supplied for each game
  • Curlers who are not already registered at SVCC will not be permitted to spare


  • Masks are mandatory for everyone while in the club, with the exceptions of while on the ice or seated at a table
  • Hand sanitizer & disinfectant wipes will be available
  • Upon entry, all people must sanitize their hands
  • Curlers will be required to clean their own rocks before and after play
  • All facilities will continuously be cleaned


  • All curlers must sign a Curl Canada waiver and provide an e-mail address for contact tracing
  • If you do not have a personal e-mail you must provide an e-mail of a friend or family member


  • A pro-rated refund policy will apply if curling is cancelled during the season and less than 75% of the draws were played


  • Proper social distancing/practices and spacing will be in effect with tables/chairs spaced 6 feet apart
  • We encourage all curlers to support the kitchen and bar and stay after your game


• All curlers will come prepared to curl and will change their shoes and drop off their outerwear in the downstairs unisex locker room • Leagues will have an exclusive 15-minute window before and after their games to change shoes, as well as dedicated 1-way foot traffic paths • Curling equipment cannot be left at the club


• Entrance and exit to the building will be through the front door with directional arrows on the stairs • Curlers will enter the uni-sex locker via the main staircase and exit via the opposite door • Pre-game exit from the locker will be straight to the ice • Once the game is over, exit to the sheet 6 door and straight down to the locker • When ready to leave, proceed back up the other stair and either continue up to the lounge or through the main floor and outside


• Spectators will not be allowed in the club unless they are patrons of the restaurant or bar


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